Practical Information

Arrival to Tromsø: The standard manner of arriving to Tromsø is by plane.  (Airport code: TOS.)  We advise to plan your trip well in advance. Almost all flights to Tromsø have a stop in Oslo, but there are few direct flights from abroad in Europe, e.g. Frankfurt, London, Münich, Gdansk, Helsinki, Stockholm. If Tromsø is not your entrance port in Norway, remember that you must collect your baggage to go through customs (even if it is registered through to Tromsø) and re-enter via through the security checkpoint.  Most of the flights connect at the main Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL), but some low-cost companies arrive to the small Oslo airport Torp/Sandefjord (TRF). In the latter case, secure enough time for the transfer to OSL as you’ll need to take an express-bus to Oslo bussterminal and then travel to OSL.

Tromsø airport to city center: The airport is located on the island of Tromsø, 10-15 min from the city center. Three transportation options:

 (1) Taxi: likely around 250 kr

 (2) Airport Express bus: 110 kr (180 kr roundtrip)

 (3) Local bus #42 (from “Flyplassen” to e.g. “Killengreens gate”): see local bus information below.

Accommodation: Most of the hotels in Tromsø are in the city center.  The Pinguinhotel is very close to campus, but it is expensive (1700 kr / night) and there are limited food options during the evenings.  There are also AirBnB options in Tromsø, but you should book early since our conference occurs shortly after the start of our semester.  WARNING: Please be wary if a company directly contacts you regarding payment for accommodation in Tromsø: this is fraud / phishing.

Conference venue: Our conference will take place on the UiT campus. (See map below.)

  • Aug 23, 24, 26: MH U6.A1AUD1 (main campus; closest bus stop is “UNN”, in front of the hospital)
  • Aug 25: FPARK B281 (research park; closest bus stops are “UiT’ or “UNN”)

Local bus information: 

  • See here for bus schedules. You can also download the app “Troms Reise” on your phone.
  • Bus fares:
    • (Recommended) Payment via “Troms Billett” app on your phone. (More details here. You need to activate your ticket in the app before boarding the bus.)
      • 37 kr during “peak times”
      • 20 kr during “off-peak” times Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00 and 17:00-01:00
      • alternative: 7-day bus ticket for 250 kr
    • On-board payments: 60 kr (cash payment only)
    • Ticket vending machines are quite limited – see here. (At UiT bus stop; on Fredrik Langes gate (outside Kiwi supermarket); at airport bus stop on Flyplassveien.)
  • City center to UiT campus / research park: This is about 4.5 km (60 min walk). By bus, it is approximately 10-15 min. You can take bus #20, 21, or 34 from “Smørtorget” bus stop to the “UNN” bus stop (which is immediately after the “UiT” bus stop). To go to the research park, get off at the “UiT” bus stop and walk along “Klokkargårdsbakken” to get to “SIVA innovasjonssenter”.
  • UiT campus to city center: Take local bus #20 or 33 from the “UNN” bus stop and get off at “Smørtorget” bus stop.

Excursions: Weather permitting, we plan some hiking trips during the conference.  On Thursday Aug 25, we aim for an excursion to Sommarøy island on the outskirts of Tromsø district, overlooking the ocean.  Please be prepared with proper clothes and boots. The weather can be warm and sunny or cold and rainy – be ready for both.