Conference dates: Tue Aug 23 – Fri Aug 26. (Suggested arrival day Mon Aug 22, suggested departure day Sat Aug 27.)
Please click here or the schedule, speakers, titles & abstracts. (All talks are 45 min + 5 min questions.)

Tuesday, August 23, Room: MH U6.A1AUD1; session chairs: Kruglikov (morning), Huerta (afternoon)

09:00SerganovaGeometric methods in representation theory of supergroups
09:50Coffee break
10:20GrassiNew Cohomologies for Lie Superalgebras
11:10MazorchukWhittaker categories and Fock space categorification for Lie superalgebras
12:00Lunch break (MH Lysgården)
13:30PapadopolousTwisted covariant form hierarchies
14:20PalmkvistTensor hierarchy algebras and weak associativity
15:10Coffee break
15:40LavauEmbedding tensors and differential crossed modules
16:30WintherJet functors in noncommutative geometry

Wednesday, August 24, Room: MH U6.A1AUD1; session chairs: Lewandowski (morning), Palmkvist (afternoon)

09:00FioresiSupergeometry and Quantization
09:50Coffee break
10:20LazaroiuThe geometry and DSZ quantization of four-dimensional supergravity
11:10ToppanHopf algebras, First Quantization and braided parastatistics
12:00Lunch break (MH Lysgården)
13:30CederwallExtended geometry, superalgebras, teleparallelism and L_infinity
14:20HuertaAn Invitation to Higher Supergeometry
15:10Coffee break
15:40SuszekA (physicist’s) categorical approach to supersymmetry
16:30Grigoriev(Conformal) geometry as a gauge PDE

Thursday, August 25, Room: FPARK B281; session chair: Grassi

09:00AlekseevskyGeometry of special rank three Vinberg cones. Application to calculation
of the entropy of BPS black holes in N=2 d=4 Supergravity
09:50Coffee break
10:20TheExceptionally simple super-PDE
11:10MarraniJordan meets Freudenthal : black hole exceptional symmetries
12:00Lunch (Mersmak kantina)
13:00Bus departs (from Forskningsparken) for Sommarøy
18:00Dinner at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel
20:00Bus leaves Sommarøy
21:00Bus arrives back in Tromsø (drop off in city center)

Friday, August 26, Room: MH U6.A1AUD1; session chairs: Santi (morning), Schneider (afternoon)

cancelledFigueroa-O’Farrill(Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about four-dimensional supersymmetry (but were afraid to ask)
09:00FranchettiKaluza-Klein reductions of non-standard D = 5 maximally
supersymmetric backgrounds
09:50Coffee break
10:20JiangMonoidally graded manifolds
11:10PoletaevaOn finite W-algebras for superalgebras and super-Yangians
12:00Lunch break (MH Lysgården)
13:30WangCurvature restrictions on a manifold with a flat Higgs bundle
14:20SvanesPartition Functions of Heterotic Potentials
15:10Closing & Coffee break